Requirements for the editorial board and its members “Scientific Journal of Emotional Intelligence”

1. In the composition of at least seven domestic scientists with a scientific degree in one of the specialties corresponding to the scientific profile of the publication.

2. Each of these specialists, including the editor-in-chief, must have at least three publications (specialized) over the past five years or at least seven publications (articles, monographs, sections of monographs corresponding to the scientific profile of the publication, that is, specialized) over the past fifteen years , including at least one for the last three years (if more than one, then in different editions) included in the Web of Science or Scopus, or have monographs or sections of monographs published by international publishing houses, belonging to categories “A” “B” “C” according to the classification of the Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE).

3. As part of at least three scientists working at the main place of work in Ukrainian scientific institutions or institutions of higher education.

4. As part of at least one scientist working at the main place of work in a foreign scientific institution or institution of higher education.

5. A scientist can be a member of no more than three editorial boards of publications included in the List of professional publications.

6. In order to include a scientist in the editorial board, written consent is required.