Andrii Rogovskiy

Founder and Project Manager. In 2003, he graduated from the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies as an external student with a degree in Process Automation Engineer. But since the age of 12 he had created computer games and took the first steps in programming. Therefore, the high level of information technology and cybersecurity in the industry is not accidental. I have multifaceted experience in design, consulting, business digitalization.

25 years of experience in IT has formed a deep conviction for me that programming is just a tool. One of the foundational success is a close-knit team of not only good like-minded programmers, but also people who know how to control their emotions and understand the feelings of colleagues.

Thus, I came to the need to research Emotional Intelligence (EI). Realizing its importance, not only for IT employees, but, in general, for the formation of personality, I founded this project