“Emotional Intelligence Research Journal”


Public organization “Institute of Emotional Intelligence” (NGO “IEI”)

The main goal is to contribute to the formation in Ukraine and the world of a scientific community interested in the study of Emotional Intelligence

Leader: Andrii Rogovskiy

IC: 49928104

Date of recording: 24.03.2021

Record number: 1009481020000000315

Telephone: +38(063)-264-05-19

E-mail address: [email protected] Webpage:  http://eij.com.ua/


The project presents itself as an open international platform for communication between proactive scientists and specialists interested in the problem of emotional intelligence (EI).

For this purpose, the research collection “Emotional Intelligence Research Journal”, which is designed to provide a wide range of specialists with free access to place their scientific research and ideas in the field of EI.

Discussion in this area will contribute to the formation of new approaches in the formation of critical and creative thinking skills through the development of personal emotional intelligence.

About the journal

Research journal “Emotional Intelligence Research Journal” is open for publications of research in the field of emotional intelligence and related scientific fields.

The journal’s topics cover the humanities, socio-behavioral and information sciences.

The magazine is published twice a year. Materials are submitted throughout the year; the release dates are announced additionally.

Languages ​​of the article: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Publication of the article is FREE until 01.01.2025 for pre-registered scientists and university representatives.