Requirements for article formatting

– Format – A4, orientation – portrait, materials are saved and prepared in Microsoft Word format (* .doc or * .docx);

• Margins: all sides – 2 cm

• Main font – Times New Roman, Arial and Courier New for text fragments

• Font size of the main text – 14 points

• Line spacing – one and a half

• Text alignment – justified

• Automatic hyphenation – enabled

• Paragraph indent (new line) – 1.25 cm

• Page numbering – not maintained

– Figures and tables – must be submitted in the article immediately after the text, where they are mentioned for the first time, or on the next page. The font size of the table text is 2 points smaller than the main font. The number of tables, formulas and illustrations should be minimal and appropriate. Figures and tables on landscape pages are not accepted.

– Formulas – must be typed using the formula editor (internal formula editor in Microsoft Word for Windows).

– References to used sources – in square brackets in the text [1, p. 2], bibliography at the end of the text. Footnotes and page links are not permitted.

– The article cannot contain materials prohibited for publication, since the journal is an open source of information. The author (s) of the article is responsible for the content and content of the article.

– The number of co-authors is no more than three.