Our mission

The project “Emotional Intelligence Research Journal” positions itself as an open platform for worldwide communication of professional, enterprising scientists and specialists working in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

The main goal is to facilitate free discussion and exchange of ideas among scientists and leaders of public opinion, for the sake of promoting a scientific approach to the phenomenon of EI.

Mission Scientific publication  “Emotional Intelligence Research Journal” –  the development of modern science through innovative approaches in the study of traditional and artificial intelligence with the aim of creating a community of scientists of a new type and solving the problems of transforming the scientific worldview.

The mission is realized through the achievement of strategic goals:

1 – association of specialists interested in the latest scientific developments and implementations, obtaining an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience

2 – the formation of a competitive scientific environment on the basis of mutual respect, tolerance, academic virtue

3 – development of a mathematical model (system) of the formation of emotional intelligence

4 – promoting the development of critical and creative thinking of children and youth through the development of personal emotional intelligence

5 – introduction of the latest information technologies in the field of scientific publication

6 – free access to modern systems of placement of scientific publications (OJS)

7 – promoting international cooperation and mobility of scientists

The scientific and educational fame of the journal will be facilitated by the openness and wide availability of materials published in the journal around the clock.